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Our Vision

We are a Dual Language Immersion charter elementary school.  Our Dual Language Immersion is a 50/50 Model so that 50% of each school day is taught in English and the other 50% is taught in Korean or Mandarin. 


The mission of the YHALE is to produce students who are fluent in both English and their target language of either Korean or Chinese.  Currently Korean is the 3rd most spoken language in both the state of Georgia and in Gwinnett County, and Mandarin is becoming one of the most popular second languages in the world.  Becoming fluent in either target language enables life-long benefits.  

The ancients see me not, nor I, the ancients, 

Though I see the ancients not,

the Way they trod is before me,

Their Way before me, can I but follow.

                                                     -Yi Hwang


The YHALE curriculum will be the Integrated Curriculum Model known as ICM which was originally developed for gifted student classrooms.  ICM was chosen for YHALE because ICM works very well with differentiated instruction which is a type of instruction most often used in dual language immersion classrooms. 


Also, studies have shown over the past few decades that students and parents who are attracted to dual language immersion programs also place a high priority on academics.  The desire to become bilingual and biliterate, in and of itself, is a indication that a student has a high level of motivation and a respect for learning.  This combination of academic priority, motivation and respect often propels students to learn quicker and crave academic challenge. 


Knowing these are the common characteristics of DLI students, YHALE made the decision to use ICM so that all of its students would be exposed to a model of teaching that was developed for gifted students but that can be modified to each student's unique needs.  


YHALE will serve students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The school is targeting young learners because studies have shown that the younger a child is introduced to a second language, the easier it is for that child to absorb the language.

A young human brain is very flexible, accepting and adaptive. However, experience and studies show that children must continuously practice and immerse themselves in a language to steadily improve their skills in a language. At YHALE, English speakers will learn Korean or Chinese (Mandarin) while continuing to develop their English

skills, and Korean or Chinese speakers will learn English while continuing to develop their Korean or Chinese language skills.

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